“It is only possible to live happily-ever-after on a day-to-day basis.”

– Margaret Bonnano

It’s the little things that make life interesting and fun.  The stupidest, smallest things in life put the biggest smile on my face. For instance, I love to mow the lawn.  When I owned my house, I couldn’t wait to go home, put on some shitty old shoes, grab a glass of water, and take out my lawn mower. 

There was always some gratification in the presence of the freshly cut grass. I knew that everyone who drove by would know that I took pride in my yard simply because the grass was neatly trimmed. The best part about it was that I had been given the opportunity to have a yard. It reminded me that I had something to be thankful for; and in turn, that made me happy.

Take nothing for granted because you never know what it is worth.

  • Even though tax season may be hard, be thankful that you have a job and a police station/fire station to look after your safety.
  • You may be frustrated when someone cuts you off in the parking lot and leaves you the with the farthest spot from the door, but remember that you are still able to walk.
  • When you hear all the complaints about the government, be thankful for your freedom of speech and your right to vote.
  • If the line is long at the grocery store, be thankful you’re not out in the fields with blisters on your hands.

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