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A Lesson in Honesty

Photo taken by J.B. Lundemo

I cannot remember where I learned to be honest, I would like to think it has something to do with the time I jumped the neighbors fence when I was 9 years old. I grew up on 3 acres of land right next to some railroad tracks. Behind them was a meadow, followed by BLM land and then Peavine Mountain.

My neighborhood was spread out for the most part and everyone has owned their pieces of land since the 1970’s or so. A very old man owned the property to the east of my childhood home. My brother and I liked to jump our barbed-wire fence and hang out in his yard. We never did any vandalizing, just hung out. I am not sure why we found this so fun, it seems really silly at the moment.

One day while my brother and I were playing in his yard, he drove up the driveway and saw us running for home. He came over to speak with my Father about the situation and I denied it to the fullest. I was so afraid of being punished. My brother even stood up for me saying I wasn’t there. I must not have been a good liar from the very beginning because my father gave me a speech about how telling the truth is so important.

I felt so guilty for not telling the truth to my Father and my neighbor, Vern. I felt even worse when my brother was punished and I got away scot-free! It was surely that day when I decided I couldn’t bear the weight of lying about anything. It just wasn’t worth all the guilt, and it certainly wasn’t worth the pain of watching someone I loved be punished for something I did.

To this day I am not sure if I ever confessed to my Father that I had jumped the fence…he may find out for the first time as he reads this blog. What I can tell you, is that I learned my lesson about truth and the importance thereof.



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Come and Go






“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” –Abraham Lincoln

Well, it is the New Year! I have a tough one to beat, 2010 was pretty good all things considered. Even though it started with me losing my job and needing to find a new place to live within weeks, by July I was employed with a great company, loving  life, and having fun. 

In the early months of 2010 when I was unemployed, I enrolled in a life-enrichment course which taught me the importance of loving thyself and loving others. I began to accept my faults, mistakes, and things that I wished had gone differently. It opened my eyes to a new way of living; a purer, more fulfilling life. I was able to think through my experiences and talk about them with strangers.

I certainly appreciated the time I had to explore; whether it was exploring within myself, or within the world. Sadly I must say that when you are unemployed it is hard to go far and travel. So I made due with what I had around me. I went to Tahoe often, hiked around on local trails, and soaked up some vitamin D in the sun!

In the middle of the year after much perseverance, I landed a job with Patagonia! I could not be happier about it. Some things in life just fall in place and I really think that I was meant to work here. 😉

In the fall of 2010 I was tested for sure, as you may have read in my blogs about forgiveness.  Karma comes around to those who deserve it and I truly feel I am on the rise for the good end of it.

And finally in December I graduated with my undergraduate degree in Business. While a lot of my fellow graduates are searching out high-paying jobs and moving accross the U.S., I decided to stay where I am for the moment.  I’m happy where I am at so I’m going to enjoy it for a bit!

I am excited to see what 2011 will bring me, although so far it has been a bit of a challenge mentally. I didn’t make any resolutions; it’s not because I don’t have faults (believe me I am FAR from perfect). I decided not to make any because they are always the same; eat better, drink less soda, stop cursing like a sailor, do more cardio. I have a list of things to accomplish over the whole year instead; things that are more fun like SKYDIVE, road trip on the coast of Washington/Oregon, visit Megan in Boston, get the Burning Man experience, and get a professional massage and spa day!

So 2011, here we go! You better bring me lots of luck, love, and adventure!


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