take some time for yourself

Clearing your mind isn’t easy these days with all the busy schedules, city life, school work, and distractions; however, it is needed.  It is easy to get caught up in all the things that you may need to do throughout the day, week, or month that you neglect time for yourself and for reflection. 

Find time for yourself.

Whether it is 5 minutes in the tub, a walk around the block, or a full day doing things you like to do, finding time to clear your mind and let go of the “real world” is an important step in life to live healthy and be happy.

There are lots of personal ways I have of doing this; some may be helpful to you.

I like to go snowboarding alone when I am feeling overwhelmed and I need something fun to do. The act of going up on the hill, breathing in some fresh cold air in my lungs, and enjoying the gorgeous mountain views clears my anxiety and allows me to think clearly about what I need to get done and in what order I need to do it. 

 I often go on drives at night (or during the day) when I need some time to think about a difficult or awkward situation.  I like getting in my car, turning on my favorite tunes to suit my mood, and watching the changing scenery fly by me. I would not advise this if you are feeling too emotional or angry, because then you are putting other people’s lives at risk.

I like to hike to clear my mind and be peaceful or appreciative. Again, this is similar to snowboarding in the ways that I get to breathe in fresh air and enjoy spectacular views.  I also find it soothing as well as challenging. The feeling of accomplishment is exhilarating when I know that have tackled a tough trail or hike.    

 And who doesn’t like sitting in a warm bathtub (or hot tub) for a nice ending to a rough day of high stress or anxiety?  The warm water melts away at any tension and if you have bubble bath or salts the aroma allows for your brain to use it as a calming device. If you have the lights off and candles lit then there isn’t really a whole lot distracting you from relaxing and breathing.   

I encourage you all to take a few moments for yourself to clear your mind and reflect on your day, week, year, or life.


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  1. Yea, Jenna!! Keep up the blogging – you CAN do it. Bret

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