You can be destroyed, but never defeated

A man can be destroyed, but never defeated.

You have all probably been faced with a time in your life when you do not think you can go any lower. Whether it be losing your job that you have had for over 10 years because of the downward economy and having to pay bills on no income, losing a family member, or any other event in your life that has resulted in a life challenge. Remember that no matter how broken you feel and no matter how far you have fallen, you can never be defeated.

The difference between being destroyed and being defeated is the ability to rise again. Obviously we can learn a thing from Terminator about not being defeated, even though he is half robot and you are probably not. You are in control of your own life, your own destination. What makes us human is our power to choose and our power to overcome. No one can take away your thoughts and your will.

A lesson referring to this idea came from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits for Highly Effective People in which he told a story of a young man in a jewish prison in Germany. The young man was destroyed physically and emotionally, but rose above it in the darkest of times through his own thoughts. If he THOUGHT he could make the situation better, then they could never take that from him. He had the choice to make try and make the experience something that could not affect him. He chose to recognize the fact that no man could ever get inside his head and control his thoughts, and that is what go him through. Most of us are familiar with the cruel treatment of Jewish inmates in these concentration camps, and this is a powerful representation of how the brain is stronger than the brawn.

 The best thing that we can do for ourselves is to think positively and choose wisely. Choose to live your life in happiness instead of sorrow and grief and understand that the option to do so can never be stripped from us.


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