Harnessing Hope

It is silly not to hope.

Do you have something that you are waiting for? Do you dream about something over and over? Is there a situation in which you wish you were not in? If you had an answer for at least one of these questions, chances are you have hope.  You hope that you will be able to get what you want, you hope for the object in your dream, you hope that you can overcome the situation you are in.  Without hope, we have nothing pulling us through life making it exciting.

Hope is what leads us to success, along with happiness which I have discussed in my earlier post Life Has Already Begun, Now Embrace it. It is important to never underestimate the power of hope and what you as a human being can think possible.  If you have not done so already, it is a good idea to start a list of your desires and values.  Brainstorm and write down everything that comes to mind.

In Pamela Slim’s book titled Escape From Cubicle Nation, there is an exercise built to align goals and values throughout life in which you write down such things as where you see yourself living, whom you living with, what kind of job you have, how many kids you have? Keep writing things down as they come to you to describe your perfect life.  You may not see it, but you have just given yourself many things to hope for.  Now is the part where you dig deep within yourself to find what the best way of achieving this perfect life will be.

I am trying to become a better leader, a stronger and more independent individual, and get involved in my community and helping others.  I am hoping that I can change personal behaviors of mine, and hoping to change the behaviors of others to positively influence one another.  I have hope that if I lead by example to have kindness in your heart and treat others as humans, that it will spread and people will WANT to help others.  I guess it is my “hippie” way of seeing things, but I really want to see this idea come to life.

Having hope and being able to harness it into real outcomes will result in a very happy life. You must have the will-power and motivation to keep going and make things happen, and that may be the hardest part.

Sure, we can all write a list of what we want our life to look like, but how many of us will actually go out there and make it happen? YOU will and I will try to portray as much advice as I can to encourage you.  As you go through life, refer back to the list of your “ideal” life and make sure you make choices to make that dream list a reality. Surround yourself with encouraging, good people who support your dreams and values. You may have pitfalls or low points in your life, but they will be overcome and remember that you can be destroyed, but never be defeated.



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2 responses to “Harnessing Hope

  1. This is very true Jenna. Great post! In a way, a person without hope is almost saying that they have given up on their life completely.

  2. Thanks Jace. I couldn’t agree with your comment more!

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