The Real Problems Money Can’t fix

In my last blog, I ended with the thought that if money can be thrown at a problem, then it really isn’t a problem. I pondered this a lot more and decided it would be valuable to ellaborate more on the idea.

As humans, especially Americans, we are consumed with wanting more and getting more. We want the high paying job, mansion in the hills, BMW in our garage, and millions in our bank accounts. Can’t get a guys attention – that’s okay, spend thousands to get a boob job. We throw money at all of our problems that money can actually fix, but most of these problems are only fixed in the short-run.

The deeper problems are the ones that money cannot buy; most of these are the mental problems that we face. You can have the mansion and all the fake friends, but underneath you may be severly depressed and in turn make plans to take your own life; that is a deeper rooted problem that will take more than a few therapy sessions to get over.

At the heart of our mental problems are environmental factors and how we react to them. One of the main things that I have been trying to get through to my readers is that we must be happy with ourselves, for ourselves. No amount of money, no amount of plastic surgery, and no amount of material things can ever truly fix deep mental problems.

When I wrecked my first car at the age of 16, my mother told me that as long as I was physically not harmed that everything would be alright. I kept this outlook with me, and am living by it in the harships of my life. Physical illness or handicap is something that cannot be undone with any amount of money. You may be able to ensure the best medical care, but if the condition cannot be fixed then Mr. Franklin’s will do you no good.

Money cannot bring back a loved one from the grave, it cannot cure someone of a deadly disease, it cannot mend a true friendship or make heartache or lonliness go away for good. Money cannot solve real problems, only you have the mind power to make the situation better.



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4 responses to “The Real Problems Money Can’t fix

  1. Hey Jenna,
    Great blog. Priorities are a funny thing. I will never forget, in middle school when a brother and sister came to school unusually quite and to themselves. All the other kids were worrying about who likes who and what was for lunch. The brother and sister had lost thier parents the night before to a car accident. I will never forget how that moment affected my priorities forever.
    Great post,

  2. Great thoughts. This is a personal for me because every generation of my family has had cancer….I admire you for discussing this.

  3. Jesse and Brigette,
    Thank you for your comments. This has always stuck with me throughout life and I am glad that you both found it interesting and helpful in some way.

  4. Very thoughtful post Jenna. I think we can all agree that we’ve had our hardships in life where money can’t fix it; and most times make it even worse. It is our true values and beliefs and way we treat every day that counts, and that in itself is worth more than money.

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