Finding Companionship in Good People

No one should be alone, choose companionship and find it in good people.

My short video on changing people.

Some say they can judge your character by the people you associate with.  I believe this is a  true statement.  

Let’s say that you have a friend from high school that once was a “good” person, but has since taken the wrong path and gotten themselves into a certain life style that you may not agree with. You choose to continue the relationship because you see the good person they once were, but they do not want to change back.  Sooner or later you become involved in activities that you never consented to, but you are guilty by association.  That is when you should learn to cut your losses. Get new friends who better represent your values NOW.

Sometimes to change people, you need to change people. You are not living alone; every individual must live and interact with others, and when interacting with others one either influences or is himself influenced. You can choose to be influenced, as long as you are being influenced positively.  You should be able to distinct when you are not being positively influenced and be willing to change your surroundings.

This advice will take you far in the business world as well. If you have a bad staff or an unruly employee whom you just cannot change their behavior- get rid of them and hire someone who truly will work hard for you and motivate others.  Trying to change the person and their behavior will only work as long as the individual is willing to change.  Too much effort and time on your part to try and change them can be counter-productive and wind up costing more in the end  through intangible means or financially. 

Knowing when you need to change those you surround yourself with is a great tool to posses, and having the strength to follow through with it will  set you apart from others.  Your family, employers, and future employers may be judging you on the people that you associate with, and you cannot take the risk of the “bad egg” ruining your dreams and goals.



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6 responses to “Finding Companionship in Good People

  1. Grest blog about companionship Jenna! I like how you’re also using video to interact with your audience. Keep up the good work and look forward to your next blog.

  2. Jeff Rogers

    “Sometimes to change people, you need to change people.” I agree 100% with that quote! Some people just simply do want your help.

    Great video also! I kept watch that one goose creep up on you… better watch out!

  3. Thanks for the comments Jace and Jeff. That goose IS kind of creepy huh?!

  4. Absolutely correct here. I always hope that people know how to select their friends properly, but I guess it’s more of a science than I’ve ever given it credit for. And of course it always helps having positive people in your life as much as one possibly can.

    • Thanks Mitch. It’s hard to separate out friends that are keeping you from the things that you may need to accomplish or value in your life, and it is more of a science than I ever realized as well.

  5. Jenna,
    Nice post and I like your video – you should do more video’s – people love that and you are a natural.


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