Life has already begun, now embrace it!

Do not think of what you do not have, but rather what you can do with what there is.

Here I am in my early twenties. I have about a year left before I earn my bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Now is the time I should know what I want to do, where I want to be, where I see myself in 10 years…etc. etc. So why am I so lost? I have no idea where I want to be or what I want to do. I feel I have been more concerned with what everyone else is doing and what my life “should” look like versus what it DOES look like.   I’m not alone, there are thousands upon thousands of people who feel the same way and are trying to answer these same questions. Here is a lesson in happiness that I have picked up on my way to self discovery that may be helpful for you as well.

An article from  informs us that we should stop trying so hard to search for happiness and instead just learn to be happy on our own. Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. That is not to say that you should not strive for success, but it should come after you have found happiness in the things that you already have, then begin reaching for the things you really want. If we keep waiting for the next best thing to happen to us, we will miss out on all the things that ARE happening to us right now.  I think we all get caught up in trying to make the “perfect” life for ourselves, when the truth is life is not perfect but it is beautiful and you are living it. 

I recently lost my house to foreclosure and had to move in with a relative.  At first I was very upset with the fact that I am a 24-year-old young woman living with a relative when I should be stable enough to have my own place.  I went through many emotions, all of them negative.  Luckily I had great support from loved ones and they allowed me to see that I wasn’t in a bad position after all.  I was getting my life back in order, I wasn’t going to be living with my aunt forever, I could save money, and I was loved.  I learned to accept my situation and be truly happy with the decisions I made. 

A wise man once told me that it is always darkest before the dawn; there will be many low points in your life and even when the bad is really bad, there is always some good to be found in it.  There is always a lesson in the challenges we face, and it is how we overcome these challenges and lift ourselves up that make life enjoyable.  I would not want to go through life never feeling pain and sorrow or having everything that I wanted because then I would not know the feeling of joy and belonging.  One emotion is always mirrored by another, and it takes one to truly experience the other.

Life begins with our very first breath, not when we get married, buy a big house, get a good promotion, or have children.  Be happy in the moment and you will be happy in life.



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2 responses to “Life has already begun, now embrace it!

  1. Awesome post. You’ve found your calling… Be Zen.

  2. I am very Zen. I was raised by two “hippies” and I love yoga. Great inspiration coming from those places huh? *wink*

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