Who Am I and Where Am I Going?

Welcome to my blog. My purpose in this blog is to take my life experiences, reflect on them, and relay to you how they have been a positive influence on my character and personal development. 

The past few years have been tough for myself and everyone that I am surrounded by.  I know I am not alone when I say that I have been able to take my hardships and work through them to make me a stronger person.    I hope that through my writings I can reach out to you and cause you to follow my lead in finding your own passions.  I believe this information will be helpful in any area of your life from your career or business relationships, to your personal and home life.  Throughout my blogs I promise to be real, to be helpful, and to give you the best advice that I can.  I hope you enjoy reading, and please feel free to comment with no hesitation.



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3 responses to “Who Am I and Where Am I Going?

  1. Bill Metzker

    I will read/listen with interest.

  2. Michael Perry

    Ms. Jenna Noel Lundemo…greetings and congratulations, kudos and props to you on such a positive undertaking and your blot represents. I am a friend of your father, John, with whom I set off for Europe the Fall of 1969 as we, too, worked through our finding ourselves and direction in this journey. Currently, I am a spiritual psychology consultant and assertiveness seminar trainer, and thus have an intrinsic interest in the direction you are taking with this project. Your father invited his FB friends to check out your new blog and I am thrilled to have done so, Jenna.
    I promise to continue to view your process and please if you have any questions that I can offer insight into do not hesitate to contact me. Sharing the enlightenment is paramount.
    Stay well.

    • Thank you Michael. I honestly started writing this blog for a class that I am taking and I had no idea where I was going to take it. I still am unsure, but I guess that does not surprise me since I am writing on trying to find myself and self-awareness. My father is a stronger writer, but with more practice I think I can improve myself. Thanks for reading!

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